Gully maintenance

Only four steps


Automated data capture

ilocator sensors on the cleaning attachment of the service truck and self-learning software automatically record the data of a gully such as position and condition.


Easy shipping

With a click, the employee completes the process, the gully data are sent and evaluated.


Continuous inventory update

You will receive a continuously updated inventory of the condition and maintenance of your gullies in graphics.


Predictive analyzes

Continuous collection of the gully data allows predictions for the future: for example, you can find out which gullies are cleaned more or less often.

More features

Take advantage of the new simplicity

Working together

At any time via a platform

Create transparency

Everyone sees and shares the same data

Exchange data

Through all organizations and departments

Simplify tenders

More speed through automated processes

Automated reporting

Individually adapted to all stakeholders

Real-time overview

Continuous inventory update

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